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PCB Design Service

PCB design, embedded systems design, manufacturing review, and more. We are ready to do as much - or as little - work that you need to get past your current project hurdles. Contact us at our Kennewick store today.


Design Capabilities

We have four years of small business experience designing, debugging, troubleshooting, producing, selling and supporting niche designs.  If you are looking for help in taking your design from concept to reality, we can help.

We often deal with application circuits with space constraints or other special requirements, such as solderless attachments or flexible material requirements, and turning those designs into PCB designs that are cost effective and will have high yields.  If you are new to PCB layout or special assembly requirements, such as pallets/fixtures or working with flex material, we can lend a hand.  

We can also help design reverse-engineering or troubleshooting prototype circuits.  Our 'sweet spot' is working with MCU families from these manufacturers: Texas Instruments, Atmel, Microchip Inc., and Freescale semiconductors.  If you need help with applications that involve these MCU's, we can help.



We are a small shop, and we recognize our limitations.  This is why we also have a network of partners with expertise in client-side applications such as those using Android and Java and .NET, as well as web-based applications utilitizing ASP and PHP.  If you need help in any arena of your project, we can recognize our own limitations, and if we don't have the expertise required to make your project a success, we can recommend an experienced partner from our network who can help.

Our mission is to help you get your application running smoothly, your PCB's produced with high yields (low failure rates), and your project completed with economics and quality in mind.  We have partners in every arena of work located in the USA.  When budgets are very tight, we also have foreign development partners in eastern europe.


On Contract or Off-the-cuff

Do you require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before we even begin talking?   Need a specified contract with timelines and penalties?  Or do you just need a verbal agreement and a handshake?  We are willing to work under any framework, or no framework at all, to become a helpful part of your project.


Project Gallery

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Request Quote

If you have a passion for your project but have hit a road block, contact us and let us know how we might help you get to your final destination.